EVK is a business-oriented college for advanced studies founded in 1990, which is aimed at providing high-level practical training for future business managers in addition to their university studies.

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Successful Entrepreneurial College for 30 years

In the year 1990, a few enterprising young persons founded the University Entrepreneur College to establish a teeming and close-knit community. Enterprises launched, and they created basis for experimenting and accomplishing the business attitude in the thinking of the members of the organization. We have been hosting the greatest experts of economic, business and social life, and learning from their world view and experiences for 30 years.

EVK College for Advanced Studies is extremely lifelike even today. Our members acquire the professional and human dimensions of professional management through company projects and the own and autonomous management of the organization. The College is an active organizer of university life, and together with its members it encourages all students to achieve the same standards at its open lecture series and community programmes.

Each year of the EVK College for Advanced Studies reflects its members: every year is granted the possibility to form the college in its own image. Practicality, ambition, and joint development are declared as values. Let us celebrate together all the 30 years and grow rich with experiences sufficient for further 30 years!

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Organizational structure

Considering its organizational structure, EVK is fully consistent with a real company. Internal operation is realized in committees, with self-governance in every respect, thus granting members opportunity to acquire real managerial experiences in serious situations. Professional Teams also established by members are responsible for the organization of professional programmes, who, in addition to their organizational duties, work together on the Business Projects of our mentor companies. Both the heads of the Committees and Team Coordinators come out of our members, who can work in their own special fields for the purpose of developing the organization for a year together with their team.

Professional Teams

Well integrated into the university training structure, members have chances to deepen in any economic or business subjects they are interested in. Professional and organizational responsibilities are fulfilled by Professional Teams, the focusses of which change from year to year in the light of internal requirements and market trends. Consequently, Teams are the foundation stones of the professional life of EVK, who organize courses, trainings and other professional programmes during a given year. Teams are managed by Team Coordinators whose work is supervised by the Professional Management.

As of 2020, in addition to the professional organization, they received a new role: a mentor company was assigned to each Team in order to be able to cooperate with company specialists in a real business project, and over and above the project, specialists also organize professional events for members, thus deepening their knowledge in the given field.


Team-coordinator: Benjámin Forgács

OTP Bank


Team-coordinator: Péter Márton Juhász 


Teamkoordinátor: Forgács Benjámin

OTP Bank

A Business IT Team vállalati partnere a tanév során az OTP lesz, amely együttműködés során a Team tagjai az OTP által szervezett megbeszéléseken, szakmai tréningeken vesznek részt és oldanak meg egy valós vállalati problémát. A Team tagjai természetesen vitaestet is tartanak, illetve szakmai programokat is szerveznek, például a Data Science kurzus és RPA tréning.


Teamkoordinátor: Juhász Péter Márton

A Consulting Team idén az IFUA Horváth & Partners tanácsadó céggel működik együtt, amely együttműködés során a Team tagjai egy valós, ezen mentor vállalat által nyújtott projekten vesznek részt. Emellett a Team tagjai szerveznek többek között egy Case Interview kurzust és egy, a 21. században felmerülő tanácsadói kihívások témájú egyalkalmas előadást is.

OTP will be the corporate partner of the Business IT Team during the academic year. In the course of cooperation, members of the Team will take part in the discussions and professional trainings organized by OTP and solve a real corporate problem. The members of the Team will of course also hold discussion evenings and organize professional programmes, e.g.: Data Science course and RPA training.

This year the Consulting Team will cooperate with IFUA Horváth & Partners consultation company. In the course of the co-operation, the members of the Team will participate in a real project provided by the mentor company. In addition, the members of the Team also organize a Case Interview course and a one-occasion presentation about counsellor challenges arising in the 21st century.


Teamkoordinátor: Fekete Mátyás

Bátor Tábor logó

A Marketing Team idén a Bátor Tábor marketingtevékenységét támogatja vállalati partnerség keretében, mint valós üzleti megbízás. Emellett a Team idén Photoshop kurzust, Trade marketing tréninget, PR tréninget, illetve Marketing Team szakestet is szervez. Továbbá – a többi teamhez hasonlóan – szakmai tartalmakat állít elő, amelyek az EVK blogján lesznek elérhetők.


Teamkoordinátor: Gombás Viktória

Idén a Mastercard lett a Pénzügy Team mentor vállalata, a közös együttműködés során valós vállalati projekten dolgozhatnak a tagok. Továbbá a Team által a tanév során többek között Technikai elemzés tréning, Online részvényvásárlás tréning, illetve egy biztosítás témájú tréning kerül megszervezésre. Emellett rendeznek egy pénzügyekkel kapcsolatos vitaestet is.


Team-coordinator: Mátyás Fekete

Bátor Tábor logó


Team-coordinator: Viktória Gombás

This year the Marketing Team will support the marketing activities of Bátor Tábor Camp within the framework of company partnership as a real business assignment. In addition, this year, the Team will also organize a Photoshop course, Trade marketing training, PR training, and Marketing Team specialist evening. Furthermore, similarly to all other teams, it will produce professional contents that will be accessible in the EVK blog.

This year, Mastercard became the mentor company of the Financial Team. In the course of joint cooperation, members may work in real company projects. Furthermore, during the academic year, the Team will organize, among others, technical analysis training, online share purchasing training, and a training in the field of insurance. A dispute evening related to finances will also be organized.


The work of the Committees represents the everyday operation of the organization: they fulfil, at operative level, all responsibilities which are required for achieving the annual goal or implementing the long-term strategy. The committees have weekly meetings to reflect to the happenings of the given week, analyse the projects in progress and divide the future tasks falling on them.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the body entrusted with the coordination of the internal life of EVK. All this includes maintenance of one of the basic pillars of EVK, the busy community life in the college of advanced studies through the management of internal community programmes. In addition, its tasks include the promotion of communication within membership and the maintenance of liveable environment.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is aimed at reaching the most talented freshers of Corvinus University, as well as the building and communication of EVK, as a brand. The Committee provides opportunities for elaborating the annual marketing strategy, establishing creative conceptions and carrying out teamwork both with the committee and the members in the course of the external communication of the various projects.

External Affairs Committee

In the External Affairs Committee, the focus is placed on corporate and alumni (senior) relations. They are responsible for maintaining contacts with companies, organizing Business Projects, and organizing large external conferences. The committee is also responsible for building the senior base and communicating with alumni members on a continuous basis for the purpose of establishing close communication.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is primarily responsible for managing the finances and other economic matters of the organization. Included herein are the preparation of and compliance with the annual budget, the internal accounting for cash and bank transactions, and providing sources for professional and community programmes through tenders.

Professional Committee

The Professional Committee is primarily responsible for the continuous improvement of the professional life of the College, and the supervision of the Professional Teams. The objective of the training in the college of advanced studies for several years is that the organization educates widely informed and experienced economic players, the bases of which shall be established by the two-year EVK Foundation Course organized by the committee.

Executive Board

The Executive Board coordinates the everyday life of the EVK College for Advanced Studies, which consists of two main bodies: Board of Management and Board of Professional Affairs.

Board of Management

The President, the Executive Vice President, the Head of Marketing, the Head of External Affairs, and the Chief Financial Officer are members of the Board of Management. Their main task is to maintain the everyday operational frames of the college for advanced studies and ensure long-term operation. Accordingly, the parties shall be responsible, among others, for the EVK finances, the tasks related to external and internal communication/appearance, the corporate and senior connections, and the relationships of the college for advanced studies on the whole, as well as the maintenance of the liveable environment in the college.

Zsófia Hidvégi


Marcell Jenei

Executive Vice President

Adél Krasznai

Head of Marketing

István Szabó

Head of External affairs

Tamás Kisfaludy

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Professional Affairs

The Board of Professional Affairs, as suggested by its name, coordinates professional life, i.e. it takes care for the members’ professional development in appropriate quality. They are responsible for the courses, trainings and other professional programmes and control the work of professional teams.

Adrienn Kiss 

Head of Professional Affairs

Vilmos Ivády 

Head of Professional Affairs

Krisztián Suhajda 

Head of Professional Affairs

For Companies

EVK College for Advanced Studies, as the best Hungarian business college for advanced studies cultivates special connections with prominent representatives of the domestic business sphere. It is our important goal to create values, as a result of our corporate cooperation, for our partners and simultaneously develop the knowledge and business experience of our members. 

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

The EVK College for Advanced Studies celebrating its jubilee this year was founded in 1990 by the students of Budapest Corvinus University under the name University Entrepreneur College. Over and above the fact that innumerable successful enterprises developed within the College until these days, from the incubation level start-up to big companies, the organization is operating with a fully diversified focus by the beginning of the 21st century.

The college of advanced studies is a mapping of the college system operating in the educational system of western, mainly Anglo-Saxon areas. EVK is aimed at the training of persons with extraordinary professional knowledge at international level, complementing the curriculum of students majoring in Economics at Budapest Corvinus University, deepened with the professional events organized with the highest level instructors of the given special field.

The full implementation of the above objective is well proved by the senior (alumni) base of more than 350 persons. To take some examples, without the requirement of completeness, it can be declared that even if viewed from global perspective, former students who completed the college of advanced studies are today dominant specialist in all fields of the circulatory system of business.

István Szabó

Head of External affairs

Outstanding Partners

OTP Bank
Bátor Tábor logó


Mentor companies are assigned to the Professional Teams, and therefore Team members can co-operate in a real business project with company specialists. In addition to the project, specialists may organize various professional events for them, thus deepening the knowledge of EVK students in the given field. Co-operation is fruitful both for the company and the specialized college, as the members are top students at the Hungary’s best university of economics. Through the above-described form of cooperation, the company is granted a first-hand opportunity for co-operation with excellent future businessmen which opens the way towards company commitments and recruiting.

Former Partners
How we choose our new members

We admit 10 to 15 persons annually. Our entrance examination was formed according to the sample of the AC days available on the market, complemented with elements like the “game platform” examining the cognitive behavioural sample developed by Benchmark Games, and the tasks requiring essay-type expression of opinion mapping the way of thinking of applicants. The related responsibilities are fulfilled by the Admission Committee elected in the spring of each year, as a result of which they can collect further valuable experiences for their later or already existing labour market presence.

Why are we significant parts of the Hungarian business ecosystem, how can you or your company co-operate with us?

During our 30-year existence, we developed innumerable professional relations through our seniors, university, or corporate partners. Our objective is to maintain all this with the strict internal control of professional work and the implementation projects based on exciting, real business problems. An EVK student feels at home in several specialist fields in general, due to the diversified training structure and way of thinking, the main point of which is that we make every effort to widen our members’ horizon to all fields of business life. In addition, we obviously also support specialized knowledge, but taking the trends of the 21st century in view, we transfer all inevitable knowledge and assets, including software and hardware skills to our members, by which they can successfully enter the labour force market.


“I know EVK almost as of the date of its establishment, because one of the first groups already asked me to lead a risk management course. Later, all this continued, sometimes intensively and sometimes not so intensively: those whom I got acquainted with on the occasion of a first-year course, contacted me again very frequently, and this way new courses and individual mentoring started... We covered monetary policy, crisis, modern banking, risk management – always something which was really timely and to which you always drew my attention. It was always a pleasure to conduct lectures, hold seminars or just talk in the vibrating atmosphere of EVK full of intellectual challenges. Thank you for that time, which now covers decades.”

Júlia Király

Former Vice-President of the National Bank of Hungary, KBC Group Board Member

Király Júlia
Kollányi Péter/MTI
Beck Zsolt

"EVK, as the University Entrepreneur College was an important station of my life, because it really helped me to have an own enterprise. My already developing entrepreneurial approach was significantly shaped during those years. But perhaps the main point has not changed, as it was the most important both then and now: Be exceptionally good at what you do!"

Zsolt Beck

Beck and Partners International

"It is my opinion even today that joining the EVK Involving Camp was one of the best decisions of my life in the spring of 2005. The professional richness, friends, a wife:), talks, parties, system of relations, impulses, ethos, everything which I found here and what we could create jointly cannot be expressed in words. Only those who are one of us know this."

Péter Császár

MOL Group

Császár Péter

Our members organize one of the most high-ranking business cases solving competition of the Carpathian Basin, the National Case Study Competition (OEV) for more than 20 years, during which talented university students and leading companies seek answers to their real problems. The team competition provides an opportunity for young persons interested in economics to compare their problem-solving ability and present their innovative ideas to the representatives of big companies who are active participants and committed supporters of the programme.

Should we have aroused your interest, please contact us on the email address [email protected], where we are willing to answer any further questing arising.